DeepBrain Chain, Blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence Technology Solution

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Currently, Artificial Intelligence Technology Solution (AI, Artificial Intelligence) is moving massively. This growth requires the size of the data for machine learning in order to place the cost of computing resources out of reach, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

However, artificial intelligence arithmetic systems are currently uneven. Not only that, the protection of data privacy is also experiencing the same thing.

Therefore, created Blockchain-based artificial intelligence solutions in innovation called “DeepBrain Chain” (DBC).

DeepBrain Chain itself is a pioneer of computerized artificial intelligence platform based on Blockchain technology.

Solutions are present to address a number of industry constraints today, such as uneven artificial intelligence artifacts, optimization of artificial intelligence, and data privacy protection.

The head of the artificial intelligence adviser DeepBrain Chain, Jiang HongQuan who is also the Director of Bosch Venture Group of German Partners conveyed, “When viewed in terms of competitive advantage, traditional centralized multi-tenant cloud computering, no visibility, and not suitable for networks and service providers. ”

Dependency will bring many problems in terms of privacy and security, DeepBrain Chain in solving this problem can give the company a maximum artificial intelligence support at the lowest price.

HongQuan himself served as the chairman of the artificial intelligence adviser DeepBrain Chain since June 23, 2018.

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Prior to joining Bosch Group, Mr. Jiang HongQuan is a research scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute of Reliability and Micro-Integration faculty in Berlin, Germany.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to see and participate in the success of a business model that has never existed before,” he said.

It was rumored that the DeepBrain Chain on July 12, 2018 took place at the Bosch Innovation Center in Stuttgart, Germany; Along with Bosch Grop will host the technology meeting.

At that time, there will be a well-known car company from Europe, a company without a driver, and a top university conducting research on artificial intelligence.

They will also project artificial intelligence training directly from the DeepBrain Chain trial network.

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