Best Way to Manually Update your AOL Desktop Gold

If you are a regular user of  AOL Desktop Gold and still you’re using its outdated version, then it’s time to update it to enjoy its brand new features. We all are living in a world where our lifestyle based on latter-day technology. We know real-world changes the technology also wants the re-equip so that both work in the proper synchronization.

There are several reasons why it is vital. So AOL Gold download update amends results on security, performance, and productivity. So we can affirm that upgrading software improves your network security, increase productivity, and lower costs. Some of the advantages due to this are listed here

  • It improves stability
  • Trustworthy Software
  • Enjoy new features
  • Benefits of pricing
  • Keep your hardware healthy
  • Enhanced user experience

It is effortless to update AOL desktop gold; manually if you don’t know then read this blog we tell you the procedure to update it in windows and mac both

Steps to update in Windows 7, 8, and 10

To update it in Windows, whether it is 10, 8, or 7, follow the below-listed steps.

  • First, you close running programs before updating them so that in between, it creates any kind of interference.
  • Now open your software and log in to your account by providing email and password as you always do.
  • After login into the account, you have to visit the setting option.
  • In setting, you have to search for the menu bar then proceed for the AOL updates.
  • After this, as you have to update your software, try to update it by clicking it.
  • As you click, the options process starts to try to use high-speed internet so that your process runs smoothly.
  • After this now you can quickly login in again by using your credentials and take the advantage of all updates of new features easily in windows.

In case of macOS, if you want to update your browser, you have to do the following things

  • First off, make sure you are using high-speed internet to complete the update process.
  • Then follow the same process. Just you have to login account and search for the option of update.
  • Click it to start the process, and once it gets completed, you can log in with your credentials and use your updated version of AOL gold.

Terminal verdict

In this whole article, we explain all the steps in detail to update your AOL desktop gold. If you follow these, you can update it in both windows and mac both easily. In case you face issues in AOL Desktop Gold Download or its updating, then you can ask the expert easily from wherever you are living. You just need to convey whatever you are facing.

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