The History of Area Codes in the United Kingdom

History of Area Codes in the United Kingdom

Though one dials area codes every time a call is made in the United Kingdom, hardly anyone knows about the history of area codes. 

Area codes are integrally part of day-to-day life. Having knowledge of its evolution enables one to make most of it and use it consciously. The post throws light on some of the interesting facts about the 01244 England area code, cNumber services related to the same, and reveals the glorious history of area codes. 

Area codes of UK – The Origin 

Area codes of STD codes were introduced in the UK back in the winters of 1958. The Queen inaugurated the trunk dialing system by making the first independent call to a phone number without the help of any manual telecom operator.  

She dialed a number situated in Edinburgh as it was the farthest distance a call could be dialed directly in the UK during that time. 

After the launch, British Landline System started distributing each extension a unique area or STD code. The task took nearly 20 years to finish off. After the completion, the subscribers of one exchange can easily dial the other non-local subscribers. 

The primitive area code contained two letters of the place along with the digits. For example, Aylesbury’s first-ever area code was 0AY6. 

Slowly and gradually, area code numbers become common. Now, they can be used both by the locals and the outsiders to communicate within the UK.  

Overseas businesses are using UK area code numbers from cNumber online. cNumber is the UK’s VoIP telephony giant that offers a wide range of area code numbers and VoIP phone numbers. 

cNumber’s area code numbers do more good than endowing the end-user with advanced business communication. As they are feature-packed, they are able to streamline workflow, leverage productivity, and double-up the revenue. 

 With the help of cNumber’s area code numbers, businesses of all kinds can easily:

  • Gain a commendable presence in the local market because it makes them locally known. 
  • Win the trust of local customers as they let the customer believe that the business is present in the nearby vicinity. Also, it endows customers with low call-incurring charges. They can connect with international businesses at local call rates. 
  • Reduce the set-up cost as they have a cloud-based set-up. Without investing high on fronts like device purchasing and software installation, businesses can enjoy advanced business communication. 
  • Gain great mobility because cNumber offers a mobile app for each area code number. 

The app is compatible with all the leading platforms and can run over Wi-Fi, LAN, and mobile data connection. Using the app, the frontline workers can remain functional even when they are not present on their desks. 

The Changes 

Just like any other thing, area codes also have gone through a number of changes before reaching the existing phase. After the launch in 1958, the first change in telephone codes was witnessed on 16 April 1995. 

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 It is also known as PhONEday in the UK. On this data, all the area codes of the UK were introduced with an extra 1 after the initial zero.

This change was noticed in the international access code of the UK as well. It changed from 010 to 00. The code was designed based upon the number of calls made/received from that particular extension.

Along with this, another major change that happened to area code is London having a city-wide area code. It happened on 22nd April 2000 and is known as ‘Big Number Change’. 

Under this change, the UK witnessed a commendable hike in the available ranges within the London area.


Area codes connect an individual/business with a certain location. Knowing the area codes is enough to know the whereabouts and location. Hence, businesses must take their help while aiming to gain impressive local significance.

The aim can be fulfilled with the help of area code numbers of cNumber. Using them, businesses of all sorts can optimize their business locally and make it a household name. 

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