What Is Mainstage App And How To Use It On A Computer?

If you love music and wanted to create your someday, why don’t you try and study the Mainstage App? This software allows you to perform and play live music from your device.

It has an impressive list of tools for managing the music and features different musical equipment like the keyboard, guitar, drum, and many more. You can also control the instrument from the USB by plugging in it.

The Mainstage app also allows you to access your sound and create a live performance effect—this software made by Apple Inc and made specifically for their Apple smartphone or tablets.

Some people wonder if there is a way to use this useful application on a computer running Windows. The answer to this question is yes; you can still use the Mainstage for PC; however, you need an emulator for it.

Since this is an iOS-based software, you need to use a program such as iPadian to run it on your computer. It is the only way running it with no application or version of this app for the Windows nor Android OS.

What Emulator Should You Use For Running This App On Your Computer?

There are multiple emulators of iOS for the Windows machine. One of the most popular ones that create an environment similar to iOS is the iPadian emulator. Although it does not work like the interface of the popular emulator such as BlueStacks, this is the emulator program that can function similar to it.

The only source where you can get the iPadian emulator is from their website. Sadly, you need to purchase it because they have no free version at the moment.

Before you download this emulator of iOS, you need to consider checking the hardware and software requirements to ensure that you can run the Mainstage seamlessly.

  • You must download Adobe Air and then install it. It is essential because of the emulator base on this engine.
  • Since you are going to use Windows, you need to use a Windows 7, 8, or 10. Windows XP does not support anymore.
  • Have plenty of RAM storage. It recommended to have 1 GB or above. It won’t be a problem anymore for computers recently purchased.
  • When You try to Install make sure that you have free storage. And of course, create a spare space of your hard drive to prevent your hard disk from being congested.

How To Install The iPadian Emulator And Run The Mainstage App?

Prepared a computer or laptop for the installation of an iPadian, you can start this software, of course, by downloading the installer from its website.

Assuming that you have already downloaded the installer, double click it to start the installation. You need to accept the terms and conditions and then click the “Install” button.

iPadian installed a computer; the next step is to locate the shortcut icon from your desktop. Double click the shortcut icon of this app to run it on your computer.

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From here, find the Apple Appstore and then open it. You must have an iCloud account to use it. In case you don’t have it, you can create an account quickly.

The next step is to search for the Mainstage app; just use the search button to find it easily. Now click the download icon or button to start it. Wait until you complete the installation.

The shortcut icon of the Mainstage app can found on the home of the iPadian emulator, so check it. If you can see its icon, that indicates that you have successfully installed the Mainstage app into your computer.

Fixing Slow Or Lag Issues Of Ipadian Emulator

Sometimes, you would notice that it does not function well or start lagging. Assuming that you have a very capable hardware spec, you can fix this by simply enabling the virtualization technology from the BIOS menu.

It is optional but enhances the emulator program’s performance exponentially. So, if you want to fix it, you need to boot your PC to the BIOS and enable it. Just remember, when you are inside the BIOS menu, don’t touch or modify other settings.

If you accidentally changed some settings and did not remember what you’ve modified, then you have to reset your settings and then enable the virtualization again to make sure that the Ipadian emulator works appropriately.

Final Words 

With the iPadian emulator, Mainstage is not the only app that you can use and emulate from this emulator, but other iOS apps as well. Even without the official version of the Mainstage app for Windows OS, you can still enjoy using it.

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